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Tracy KellyTracy Kelly 

Opportunity failed execution of trigger for a profile

Hello. An error message has popped up for some of my users and it's way above my head to fix. Before I turn to Premier Support our our outside support, I thought I'd try here. 
As a System Admin, I can create new Opportunities. However, those with a different profiel cannot. I've attached a jpeg of the error message. I am not a Developer, so if we have to spend some money, so be it. Any help would be appreciated.Error Message 
Naga  AlapatiNaga Alapati
Hi Tracy,

I think your code maybe calling through those methods in a sharing context. So check whether that profile has access to "OppPayment" object. 

Go to Setup > Profiles > Click on the profile that it is throwing this error > Object Settings > Look for "OppPayments" 

Check whether that profile has read permissions to that object or not. If not try to give read access and check it again.