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Paul TolentinoPaul Tolentino 

When creating a new user via flow, I get an error saying 'Object Profile is not supported in one.app'

I have a acreen flow called NewClientUser which gathers info from the logged in user in order to create a new contact and then activate that contact as a community user. Up until very recently, the whole thing was working fine, so I am wondering if this is caused by a critical update maybe? Anyway, that flow calls another flow called ComplyUserCommissioning which sets up the user, and it seems like the error is occurring somewhere in that flow.

VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Paul,

Can you please post more details along with screen shot?

Also you might think to check on below release notes.


Vinay Kumar
Damian Blackley 18Damian Blackley 18
Hi Vinay, 
Paul posted this on my behalf - here are some more details, though it's pretty convoluted - sorry!

I have installed the managed version of this: https://github.com/SalesforceLabs/Quick-Community-User-Provisioning
Up until a few weeks ago, it was doing exactly what I expected it to do.  Now however, despite it appearing to still function as expected, i get the following error appearing:
User-added image

This is the flow:
User-added image

the highlighted screen is the one you can see in the screenshot.  
This is the screen element:
User-added image