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Varun Sharma 150Varun Sharma 150 

Service Appointment Location

I am looking to know more than 1 Service Appointments with same engineer at same location i.e. same latitude longitude or Address or Location. I could not find a way to fetch Lat Long used for an Service Appointment. Any idea on how to get it. I see that documentation says.

Address   The address where the appointment is taking place. The address is inherited from the parent record if the parent record is a work order or work order line item.

I see that for my SA records, the Owner object type is Account however there are lat long on the SA when I click edit but no BillingLatitude or ShippingLatitude when I select the accounts using SOQL. 

Please suggest.
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Varun Sharma 150Varun Sharma 150
I got this by creating 3 Maps of 
WorkOrder with Preferred Resource
Work order with Service Appointment 
Service Appointment and Assigned Resource

with these 3 looks I could find which SA was assinged to preferred resource.