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Kishalaya Singh 13Kishalaya Singh 13 

CC Admin Tab not loading for B2B commerce

Hi ,

I was in the middle of setting up my B2B storefront in developer org and once i reached the step where i have to create a new cache configuration i clicked on the "Build New" button
but even after couple of mins it showed nothing, I reapeated the steps couple of time but nothing happened . So i refreshed the page and after that when I am trying to load CC Admin tab
I am getting the following error.

Insert failed. First exception on row 0; firstUser-added image error: STORAGE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED, storage limit exceeded: []
Error is in expression '{!initDownload}' in component <apex:page> in page ccrz:cc_admin_admin: (System Code)

An unexpected error has occurred. Your solution provider has been notified. (ccrz)  

(attached is the screenshot for same)

I have just loaded the OTB (Demo coffee data) and thats just it and I don't have anything to delete from recycle bin as well

Could anyone help me with it ?

Kishalaya Singh 13Kishalaya Singh 13
User-added image
Hi Kishalaya Singh,

This is becuase you data storage has been exceeded. I suppose you are doing this in your sandbox. Trying deactivating some products. This B2B creates the product index for each product+category+pricelist. Hence lot of records get created and the org get exceeded.
So, delete some old products or indexsor deactivate the to free up some space.

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Uttam SaiUttam Sai
Hi Kishalaya Singh.

Is your issue has been resolved, if yes, please help me to resolve the same issue, i tried to free some space in data storage and still am facing the same.

please help regarding this.

Thanks in advance,
Bhanu Bonthu 5Bhanu Bonthu 5
I am still getting issue in per my personal org. Can I get any step by step solution to resolve issues.