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Paul TolentinoPaul Tolentino 

We are currently using a custom site called “support.netregistry.com.au” for our current support site which is being show

to give you some context:

We already are using custom domains for our existing support site which is sitting on classic knowledge articles format (NOT lightning).

So when we do the migration to knowledge, I want to ensure there is minimal downtime. Because we already have custom domains that we are using, I want to point them from the old support site, to the new community site, does your article specify how to point an existing domain to a new community?

On that note also, we are a multi-brand company using one instance of Salesforce, do I need to specify a Community specific URL for each brand?
For example, our custom domain name is Netregistry.my.salesforce.com
However, we have 2 brands within that company - Netregistry & MelbourneIT

If I create 2 communities (because I want 2 support sites) for both, e.g. netregistry.cs113.force.com/netregistrysupport & netgistry.cs113.force.com/melbourneitsupport, will I still be able to point those specific Community URL's to support.netregistry.com.au and support.melbourneit.com.au respectively?