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I have some urgent requirement in lightning Component. Can anyone help me to display all the standard objects in one picklist and when I select any one object, then all the records in that objects have to display using Lightning Component?

Scenario 1: I want to display all records.of selected objects from drop down list.
Scenario 2: If I open any account after above scenario then I would like to display all the files of that Account.

For Example:
If I select Account object from Drop down list of sObjects then It would be display all records of Account  object and their associated files after clicking on any Account record.
Is that possible by Lightning Component? Please let me know the solution of above scenarios.
I have some urgent need of this requirement.

Thanks in advance...
It's not advised to show all the records for a single object in a coponent.
You can use the below link to get list of objects.

Similarly you can use the MetaData to find the fields and show the data.