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Tim Mauro 8Tim Mauro 8 

Uninstall NPSP - Unable to uninstall package

Hi all - I am trying to de-clutter a new installation, and trying to remove NPSP.  I follow all the steps in this list:

But I still get "Unable to uninstall package", with a giant list of reasons, far too much to paste here.   Here's the first line (out of hundreds):
Custom ObjectRecurring_DonationThis custom object is referenced by a relationship field. GAU Allocation.Allocation.Recurring_Donation

This is a brand new installation, literally never used.  Please, how can I uninstall NPSP?
AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Tim,

You can log a case with Salesforce support team and they will further assist you on this issue.

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