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Display page layout with recordtype in Lightning Experience

Hello, we have an apex controller method that is called by a NEW button. We are using Lightning Record Pages. The controller redirects to a URL that is supposed to display a Case page layout that is assigned to a recordtype. The recordtype is passed in the URL, but the page still displays the default page layout. Can anyone give an idea why this is happening?

reType = cse.recordTypeId;
 returnURL = new PageReference('/500/e?nooverride=1&recordtype=' + rtype);
return returnURL;
You have to pass &recordTypeId=IdOfTheRecordType.
Magulan Duraipandian
Hi Magulan, changed '&recordtype=' + rType to '&recordTypeId=' + rType, no change. The original solution worked in Classic when calling a VF page. I'm wondering if this can't be done in Lightning.