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Bob SchumannBob Schumann 

Website page with multiple web-to-lead forms does not submit

We have a main form on website pages where we have basic SFDC code styled with CSS. We have added campaign ID, webpage URL etc and it works fine.  

We also have popout buttons on the side to Contact Us, Request a Quote or Request Service.  Each of those buttons opens a form with the exact same code (styled differently) as the main form, but each popout form is given a unique name so that the Submit command knows what form to use.  When we are in debug, we see the correct submission from each button (form), but these leads never get to SFDC.  
A submit input example from a popout form is :
<input type="submit" name="submit" value="Send" form="ContactWebToLeadForm">

Where ContactWebToLeadForm is one of the popout forms.

Can anyone see where we might have an issue with our logic?  

Alternatively, does anyone have a suggestion for alternate means to support several forms on one html page?

Thank you in advance


Can you check the form id? This is possible and fairly common use case.

Every form and its button should be encapsulated under the form tag. 
Just make sure, all the forms/button/input has a different id and name than other form.
Do something like this firstname1/firstname2 for two different form.

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