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vamsi k 20vamsi k 20 

Custom clone of a record from pop up button


I have a requirement where on clicking on Lightning Quick Action on detail page of custom object will open a pop up asking "wheter to clone?", if user clicks Yes button in the pop up, clone event should fire showing the values of the record be displayed in edit modal pop up along with Save and cancel button (when save button is clicked a new record is created).

If user clicks No button on the pop up of  "wheter to clone?" then user will go through New record create flow (like record type selection then Create New record modal pop up).

Can you please guide me how to achieve this functionality?

Thanks in advance
AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Vamsi,

Please feel to reach out to the accelerator team who can give you the idea of how you can implement according to your business requirement if you have the premier success plan.

Please find the details on how to request for an accelerator:https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=000337601&type=1&mode=1

Otherwise, I would request you to reach out to your Account Executive If you wish to upgrade to Premier Support please contact your Account Executive.