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Adding to my client's workflow

Hello, I am a developer but brand new to the Salesforce eco-system and have a task I need done - hopefully someone here can answer what are probably basic questions!

To keep my question simple it comes down to this: I need to inject a yes/no question and comment box into my customer's workflow when they modify one of their own deals in Salesforce. The input will be saved for our organization to review later, and should include some details about the customer's deal.

Since it involves our client's Salesforce data, there are permission considerations.

And since each of our client's Salesforce accounts could be setup a little differently, I'm here to inquire about what solution(s) come to mind from experienced Salesforcers. 

Any help or references are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Hi Scott,
Please correct me if i am wrong
You want to send an email to your customer when they change anything in there deal and want to store there feedback to record for later review. right?
Scott M 7Scott M 7
Not exactly; I would give it to my customer to install in their Salesforce account.
It will add a checkbox in the customer's Salesforce work flow, that says, "Yes, and save supplemental information from this deal to a list for Scott"
It collects responses and data I can access in Salesforce.

I was looking at web components, Process Builder, a code-less solution? Any experience or suggestions would help.
So you are looking at a web component which you can pass to your customers and your customers put some information in this web component and you will store that information in your salesforce account from customers salesforce account right ?
Scott M 7Scott M 7
Hi Hermant_Soni, you got it - let me know what you think.
So as per my understanding this not possible without custom code.
  1. You need a unmanaged package of code which you can pass to your customers and they can easly install into their org.
  2. Your unmanage package will add a checkbox field on your customers account.
  3. When any of your customer checked that account's field, one email is shoot to your salesforce account and that will store all information which you need from your customers account.
Please let me know your thoughts on this.
Scott M 7Scott M 7
The unmanaged package of code you mention, this would come in what form?

Perhaps the client can find and install the component from the Salesforce marketplace.
Unmanaged packages are typically used to distribute open-source projects or application templates to provide developers with the basic building blocks for an application. Once the components are installed from an unmanaged package, the components can be edited in the organization they are installed in.
Scott M 7Scott M 7
Hi Hermant_Soni, thanks for your reply. There are no open-source projects or applications involved. Can this not be done with already existing web components, Process Builder, or a code-less solution?

I would like the client to add my preconfigured (checkbox and text box) into their existing work flow in their existing Salesforce account. The solution would need to support different Salesforce editions and environments. It is a checkbox to flag data for me in their existing processes.

Items/Forms with the checkbox added can then be shared with or accessed by me through my Salesforce account.
I think you missunderstood what i have suggested you. Is it possible to connect on video call. I will explain you in more depth and i can show you some POC as well. Please let me know your thoughts.
Scott M 7Scott M 7
That is very considerate of you. That would probably help A LOT. Let me know at your earliest convenience and I will make myself available, thank you!
My timezone is IST you can DM me on sonihemant.jaipur@gmail.com and then we will connect accordingly.