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Jayesh Babu A VJayesh Babu A V 

Go to a url from a apex:pageBlockTable

I am new to Salesforce and I want to display two columns of a list of custom objects inside an <apex:page>. I did it using the <apex:pageBlockTable> and it worked fine. In these two columns, one of them is a url. I want to go to that url when i click on that item inside the pageBlockTable. So, used this code to achieve that:
<apex:pageBlockTable value="{!sentResources}" var="ca">
     <apex:column headerValue="Name" value="{!ca.Name}" />
     <apex:column headerValue="Url">
          <apex:outputlink value="/{!ca.ResourceUrl__c}">{!ca.Title__c}</apex:outputlink>

But, this code is not working. The page keeps reloading when I click on the Url. So, anyone please provide a solution to this. 
Thnaks in advance.
jason roy 29jason roy 29
I am also new here I want to add 2 column table here for my website Shilajit4u (https://shilajit4u.pk/) requirement, can you please guide me how to add these columns?