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Salesforce Connect with Custom Adapter can send parameters from a record?

Hello, I am having some doubts regarding Salesforce Connect and wondering if Someone know If a Custom Adapter as External Data Source can send any parameter from a salesforce record in order to consume the webservice to filter data, e.g. when an User opens an Account record Salesforce send AccountNumber to External Data Source endpoint? 
(Something like:
String url = 'https://{{URL}}/WebService/Customer/' + Account.AccountNumber;)

Or should the target webservice retrieves all records in bulk and Salesforce resolve relationship with Indirect Lookups? Is that only option?(Following the previous example: String url = 'https://{{URL}}/WebService/Customers)'; without parameters for specific records) 

I already did some searches in the documentations and help pages regarding this, but I did not find.

We realized how to do that, if someone need:
From Record Detail Page you can use filter.subfilters inside DataSource.TableResult query(DataSource.QueryContext queryContext) method to pass some parameters to your api URL DataSourceConnection class.