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shikher jainshikher jain 

Could anyone help me out , how to start this problem . I cant able to start it.

Create a VF page that should use VF component. This page should contain one textarea and button. User should be able to write SOQL query in text area and when user click on Submit Query button this query should pass to VF Component.
Create a VisualForce Component for above VF page, This component should Provides following

This component should execute query and return records.Component code should be able to handle query on any Sobject.
Component should handle SOQL validation. If query is wrong then handle exception.
ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Shikher,

I believe you would be having the query editor option in the developer console where you could be able to run the queries.

I hope this helps.

shikher jainshikher jain
Hi anutej , can we discuss over email ? If you dont mind can you send me your email Address?