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Aparna Hegde 8Aparna Hegde 8 

invalid cross reference ID process builder email alert

I Have a process builder that triggers on event object, and sends out an email alert. Recently we have implemented roles and hierarchy in salesforce and the process builder is throwing an error - invalid cross reference ID.

Could it be because the logged in user does not have access to the event record?

If yes, is there a way i could fix without changing roles?
Callum LucindaCallum Lucinda
It generally means that the objects you updated have ID fields in them that are filled with IDs that are either invalid or that your user does not have permission to see.  It's also possible that the product ID field itself for these 4 failures is invalid or got corrupted prior to the update.

Anyway, for these 4 failed updates, check any IDs that are in them and see if you can get to them manually -- if you can't, then there's your smoking gun.

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