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Hrishikesh KolheHrishikesh Kolhe 

How to fix unexpected token error =(Editoppallfields Compile Error: Unexpected token '='. at line 16 column 4 )

public class Editoppallfields {

public Quote_item__c quo{get;set;}

public opportunity opp{get;set;}
public string sids{get;set;}

public list<Quote_item__c> 
qili{get;set;}       //Quote line item list

public list<Opportunity>
opli{get;set;}     //opp items list

quo=new Quote_item__c();
opp=new Opportunity();

public Editoppallfields()




opp=[select Amount,OrderNumber__c, TrackingNumber__c from Opportunity WHERE id=:ids];
opli=new list<Product_Name__c>();

quo.Opportunity = oppId;

qili=new list<Quote_item__c>();

qili=[select Opportunity__c,Product_Code__c,Product_Name__c,Quantity__c FROM Quote_item__c WHERE id=:Ids];

public pagereference save()
list<Quote_item__c> qili=new list<Quote_item__c>();
insert quo;

pagereference pr=new

return pr;

public pagereference cancel(){
pagereference can=new pagereference(+sid);
return can;

PriyaPriya (Salesforce Developers) 
Hey Hrishikesh,

Where have you declared the variable 'ids' which you are using the SOQL query ?