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Salesforce Community - Case status modification

I work on Salesforce community.
The scenario is as follows:
- I created a case from the community with the status 'Waiting for validation'.
- The sale-user can accept or refuse this case.
-If the case is refused, it is not possible to modify the case.

I created a record type for the refused Case and removed all the buttons.
Currently, by consulting the request on the portal (community) after modification of Status, the button Modify is still acessible.
After refreshing the page in community the button disappears.

Cas someone help me.
sindhura (Heptarc)sindhura (Heptarc)
Hi AichaSF,

Customer Community Plus users are able to edit the Case Status field when "Allow customer users to change case statuses" is disabled. This occurs in Lightning Communities but not Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce Communities. 
ResolutionThis is working as intended. The option "Allow customer users to change case statuses" in Communities Settings when enabled, will allow Customer Community Plus users in Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce Communities permission to edit the Case Status fields on Cases they are able to edit. 
The field will be available to edit in Lightning Communities regardless if the setting is enabled or not. 
If the situation requires restriction of this field to prevent the users from modifying its value then the suggested workaround is to create a Validation Rule. 
Hope it would help you.
Thank you.