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harsha vardhan vasa 9harsha vardhan vasa 9 

how to display the half column label instead of full name

Hi All,
i need to display the only half-size of the headervalue. example-- instead of "LabelName" as "Label".
is it possible to trim the headervalue.

<apex:column headerValue="{!$ObjectType.Product2.Fields.BModelNumber2__c.Label}"  styleClass="{!IF(vhlp.isParent,'parent_row', IF(vhlp.isChild,'child_row',''))}"

Vasa harsha Vardhan.
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

If below value is returning string then you can string functions to trim.

Best Regards,
harsha vardhan vasa 9harsha vardhan vasa 9
Hi Sandhya,

Thanks for the reply.
here it is displaying the column name dynamically  from the corresponding object using the headervalue in apex column tag. what i need is to to display half of label name instead of full name as.
vasa harsha vardhan.