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Account-Based Marketing

Hello, I am thinking about heavily investing and engaging in ABM (Account-Based Marketing). Do you have any suggestions on how to approach the campaign and what are some best practices to implement? Thanks a lot!
Paul Sciandra 1Paul Sciandra 1
Hi, good question. ABM is now a very popular tactic, especially in B2B sector. I would advise you to keep in mind that in order for ABM to be successful, you need to make sure that you have advanced analytics implemented. “Through predictive analytics at your side, you can not only predict, which potential customer is a good prospect for ABM campaign but also estimate the results. With proper setup, you can actually use algorithms to make quite accurate forecasts of ABM results and run a completely data-driven campaign.” (3 Technology Trends that will Change ABM)http://bit.ly/2zs9vRg
As far as best practices go – take your time to make sure that you really personalize all communications with key prospects and not go with full automation. 
I would also recommend you taking a look at Rocket Notes, which is a great API solution for any company, who wishes to step up their ABM game with some personalized gifting campaigns.