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lightning:navigation - navigate to record with inline edit active

Hey all,

We'd like to explore the possibility of a use case whereby the user can navigate to a record and the detail section of the page is in inline-edit mode automatically. We are using lightning:navigation in a lightning Action, but only seem to be able to edit in a modal, or navigate to the full-page view of the record.

I think being able to navigate to the full-page edit would be a better user experience, as the modal can feel cramped for users (or confusing, if you need to edit another record and then finish the user flow on that new record).

Has anybody else managed to meet this use case?

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
I dnt think so you can able to navigate the detail section of the page is in inline-edit mode automatically.. 

But you can able to open the record in Edit mode 
       "type": "standard__recordPage",
       "attributes": {
           "recordId": "001xx000003DGg0AAG",
           "objectApiName": "PersonAccount",
           "actionName": "edit"
Big EarsBig Ears
Raj - Thank you for your reply. That option just opens an edit modal, which unfortunately won't work for our use cases.
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Inline edit i dnt think so its possible .. i tried many ways but dnt work  .. 

FYI .. for inline edit there is no URL  param in Lightning