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creates two identical Opportunities when ever an Account is created

Write a trigger that creates two identical Opportunities when ever an Account is created.Make sure both opportunities are associates with the Account.
Use any values for the fields on the opportunities
Just make sure to use variables when populating the fields of each opportunity to make sure they are identical.
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Please check once below sample code:
trigger CreateOpps on Account (After insert) {
    list<opportunity> lstOpps = new list<opportunity>();
    for(account acc : trigger.new){
         //1st opp
        opportunity op = new opportunity();
        op.name = acc.name;
        //Add reaming fields
        //2nd  opp
        opportunity op1 = new opportunity();
        op1.name = acc.name;
        //Add reaming fields
    if(lstOpps != null){
        insert lstOpps;


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Thanks & it worked