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amulya nidhi 7amulya nidhi 7 

Should I user personal mail or official to begin the learning journey on trailhead?

Hello all,

I have been a serious user of SF for the past 9 years (partly as admin but mainly as business analyst). Now I am joining the trailhead community for serious learning (primarily admin).

I wanted to know whether I should start my journey with my official mail or my personal gmail. I don't want to lose badges and points etc; but will not using official mail restrict some functionalities?

Gratitude in advance.
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
I willl say personal email .. so that you will not loose your trailhead even if you left the job 
Murali MattaMurali Matta
Hi Amulya,

You can use both the Emails. But prefer to use your personel Email. So, that it can helpful while taking the certifications and trailhead badges and
not need to loose your Badges that you have earned when changing the organization.