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How can I change the fullcalendar theme?

I am using fullcalendar 3.9.0 in lightning component.
I want to change the themesystem to bootstrap4 with the theme name to Spacelab like below.

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So, I loaded some related stylesheets..
 <ltng:require styles="{!join(',',
                          $Resource.fullcalendar390     + '/fullcalendar-3.9.0/fullcalendar.css',
                          $Resource.bootstrap4     + '/css/bootstrap.css',
                          $Resource.fontawesome5css     + '/css/all.css'
and created a fullcalendar with a option like this.
themeSystem: 'bootstrap4'

But, Every part of the screen affected and It was not applied properly.

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How can I do this? T.T
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Refer this link 

Looks like are not loading js files 
No, I already had loaded js files..
                           $Resource.fullcalendar390  + '/fullcalendar-3.9.0/lib/jquery.min.js',
                           $Resource.fullcalendar390  + '/fullcalendar-3.9.0/lib/moment.min.js',
                           $Resource.fullcalendar390  + '/fullcalendar-3.9.0/fullcalendar.js',
                           $Resource.bootstrap4  + '/js/bootstrap.js'