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Rajasekhar TRajasekhar T 

How to show custom message on page instead of error message while . reloading the page?

I want to display the custom error message on page when page is reloading, page contains only save button. However, i want to show the only custom error message on page at that time i want to hide save button.
<apex:page standardController="Account" extensions="myaccountcontroller">
<apex:form >
<apex:pagemessages ></apex:pagemessages>
    <apex:commandButton value="Save" action="{!Save}"/>

public class myaccountcontroller
  public string accId {get;set;}
  public String finalamount {get;set;}

  public myaccountcontroller(ApexPages.StandardController sc)
    accId = ApexPages.CurrentPage().getParameters().get('Id');


  public void doCalculation()
    Account AccObj = [SELECT Id,Name,Amount__c,Total_Amount__c FROM Account WHERE Id=:accId ];
    system.debug('TotalAmount ###:'+AccObj.Total_Amount__c );
        finalamount  = String.ValueOf(AccObj.Amount__c/0);
     }catch(Exception e)
        if(e.getMessage() == 'System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object')

          ApexPages.addmessage(new ApexPages.message(ApexPages.severity.ERROR,'Unite Price should not be empty'));


Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Is alert will work for you on the page load ?? 

call an apex controller from a javascript button and and show the message on alert