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Chris BoggioChris Boggio 

Custom button to create email in Salesforce Classic?

In Salesforce Classic, how can I create button on contact page that generates an email and uses and template I already created?
Syed Insha Jawaid 2Syed Insha Jawaid 2
Hi Chris

There was a similar question posted to convert classic functionality in lightning,Please check the code for reference:


Hope this helps.
Chris BoggioChris Boggio
Seems very difficult to follow as I'm not familiar with coding in Javascript or VisualForce.  I'm using Classic and I already created an email template called "Verify_Contact" in my email templates section.  Bascially all I want to do is in my contact page, add a button called "Verify Contact".  When I click the "Verify Contact" button, it sends an email to that contact (see email template I created below) bascially asking if I have correct contact info and if not please provide any corrections.    


I'm reaching out as I'm cleaning up my database and I would like to confirm your contact information. Below is the information I have for you...

{!Contact.FirstName} {!Contact.LastName}
PH: {!Contact.Phone}
email: {!Contact.Email}

Can you please let me know if there are any corrections?


Have a few questions...

1) Are you able to provide Javascript code needed to call up my email template "Verify_Contact" when I click my "Verify Contact" button?
2) Is it easier to create a VisualForce (VF) button rather then Javascript button?  If so, can you provide VF code to call up my "Verify_Contact" email template?