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0% code coverage on trigger and unable to deploy the changes.. pls help. URGENT

I have a trigger which will insert the record into custom object. This trigger is on event object. So, whenever there is a record in the event object, this trigger will fire. In the trigger logic, I am inserting the record into a custom object. The following test calss I have.. when I run the test, the trigger is getting 0% code coverage... please help URGENT.

public class TESTEventTrigger_TEST {
    static testMethod void testMethod1()
            for(Integer i=0 ;i <200;i++)
            Integer upload = 0;
            if (upload == 0) {
                TEST_Record__c p = new TEST_Record__c(
                                                             First_Name__c = 'acct.First   Name' +i,
                                                             Last_Name__c = 'acct.Last   Name',

                insert p;
                upload = 1;
                Case cse = New Case();
                cse.Name = 'name only';
                insert cse;
        Catch(Exception ee)

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Can u please check the test class is running succesfully or not