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Jim Riggio 18Jim Riggio 18 

http:/.......my.salesforce.com refused to connect received after Button calls flow with apex

i have a Detail Page button on OLI that calls this flow.  In Lightning I get a " refused to Connect " error and hangs on the Screen.  Does any one know how to fix this so it will work in Lightning?
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Can you please check the debug logs ?? and your URL must be https:/.......my.salesforce.com 
Jim Riggio 18Jim Riggio 18

Hi Raj,   revisting this issue again.  I no longer get the "refused to Connect" error.  I am able to create a Deliverable per our flow.  However, once the New record is created, it does not return back to the OLI.  I get the "Created record" message and it stays on the blank page.

When you said your URL must be ...my.salesforce.com, where is do I add this?  in front of the /apex/redirect?  Is it just http:/xxxxxx.my.salesforce.com/apex/redirect....?  Also, if I change URLs, will this affect the Classic operation where it works correctly.

Harish LokuntlaHarish Lokuntla
Hi Jim, did you find any solution for this, i am getting same issue, i have a vf page on account creation when i click on save it should be redirected to account detail page, but i am getting salesforce.com refused to connect. please let me know if you have any solution.
Jim Riggio 18Jim Riggio 18
Hi Harish, I do not get the error anymore, but after I click on button, the system takes some time to complete and then hangs and does not return to the page that it does in Classic. I can imagine some things need to be rebuilt, but have not given it much thought yet as we are stil on Classic. 
praveen murugesanpraveen murugesan
Hello All,

Did any one got the solution for this? Am also getting in my org suddenly, searching the reason & solution.

Praveen Murugesan.
Jim Riggio 18Jim Riggio 18
I have not received any errors like this anymore. Try the process in Incognito window.  we are finally tranistioning to Lightning now so I am hoping that issue won't come up again.
I have recived that message to.
I removed my development mode access then it worked fine.
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Solution from @VSK works.