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it is possible to schdeule a dashboard are refresh in salesforce

NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 

Firstly, it's not very clear if you are looking for this on Salesforce classic or Lightning?

If you are looking for this in salesforce classic then below are the steps.

On the Dashboards tab, select a dashboard using the View Dashboard field.
Click Refresh and choose Schedule Refresh

Filters aren’t applied when you schedule or email a dashboard.
Each dashboard has a running user, whose security settings determine which data to display in a dashboard.

NOTE If the running user becomes inactive, the dashboard doesn’t run.
Select notification settings.

Click To me to send an email to your user's address.

Click To others... to send an email to additional Salesforce users.

NOTE Portal users receive report and dashboard refresh email notifications when the Allow Reports and Dashboards to Be Sent to Portal Users option is enabled.

Dashboard refresh notifications may not display properly in Outlook 2007.
In HTML-formatted dashboard refresh notifications, users can click the name of the dashboard to log in to Salesforce and view the dashboard.

To send a dashboard refresh notification to other users, store the dashboard in a public folder with access granted to others. Other users can't access dashboards in your personal folders. To add a dashboard to a public folder, edit the dashboard properties.

Users can click components in a dashboard refresh notification to view the source report in Salesforce.

Dashboard components that include Visualforce pages and s-controls may not display in dashboard refresh notifications. Users must view them in Salesforce.

Dashboard refresh notifications can be viewed offline in email clients.

If a dashboard has filters, only the unfiltered version is emailed.
By default, Salesforce sends images in dashboard emails as .png (Portable Network Graphic) files, which are not supported in Lotus Notes. When you enable the Use Images Compatible with Lotus Notes in Dashboard Emails > option, Salesforce uses .jpg images, which Lotus Notes supports, when sending dashboard emails. The “Schedule Dashboard” permission is required to view this option.

NOTE Dashboard emails that contain images compatible with Lotus Notes are substantially larger and the image quality can be lower.

Schedule the refresh.

Set the Frequency field.

Click the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly fields to show more options.

The total number and frequency of your scheduled dashboard refreshes depends on your Salesforce edition. Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Editions can have up to 200 scheduled dashboard refreshes. Unlimited and Performance Edition users can schedule up to two dashboard refreshes an hour per day. Enterprise Edition users can schedule up to one dashboard refresh an hour per day. Additional scheduled dashboards may be available for purchase. Contact your Salesforce representative for information.

Specify dates in the Start and End fields.

Dashboards refresh in the time zone of the user who scheduled the refresh. For example, if the Time Zone field on your user record is set to Pacific Standard Time (PST), and you schedule a dashboard to refresh every day at 2:00 PM, then the dashboard will refresh every day between 2:00 PM and 2:29 PM PST.If you view and save a schedule in a time zone different from the one in which it was previously scheduled, the time slot could potentially change.

Under Preferred Start Time, click Find available options... to choose a time.
The dashboard refresh runs within 30 minutes of your preferred start time. For example, if you select 2:00 PM, the refresh may happen any time between 2:00 PM and 2:29 PM, depending on availability.
NOTE Your preferred start time may not be available if other users have already selected it.

If you schedule a dashboard to refresh on a specific day of every month, it only refreshes on months that have that specific day. For example, if you schedule a refresh for the 31st of every month, the dashboard won't refresh on 30-day months. To refresh on the last day of every month, choose “Last” from the On day of every month drop-down list.

Dashboards won't refresh as scheduled if the running user doesn't have access to the dashboard folder.

If a dashboard has filters, only the unfiltered version is refreshed.
You can't schedule refreshes for dynamic dashboards. They must be refreshed manually.

Click Save.

To delete a scheduled dashboard refresh, click Refresh | Schedule Refresh | Unschedule Dashboard.

The scheduled refresh is permanently deleted, and not sent to the Recycle Bin. Deleting the scheduled refresh does not affect the dashboard itself.

Hope this helps.

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Magne Von SohlbergMagne Von Sohlberg
So, is it safe to assume that refreshing dashboards automatically is only possible in Classic and not in Lightning? Seems like a very basic feature that the Salesforce team missed, pretty bad oversight IMO.