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Ravi sastriRavi sastri 

Users need to login using External Authentication Provider

I have a requirement where users need to log in to salesforce using external authentication provider. The configuration in Open-id authentication. I have created the connection in Auth.Providers along with all the required key, id, url and tokens. Salesforce has automatically created a registration handler. Using Test-Only Initialization URL, I have tested the connection and I have recieved the XML which states that the connection is working fine

Now, I need the users to log in using that provider and should be redirected to Home Page of Salesforce. How to do that? Please help.

Thank you in advance.
SandhyaSandhya (Salesforce Developers) 

If you don’t add startURL, Salesforce sends the user to either /home/home.jsp (for a portal or standard application) or the default sites page (for a site) after authentication completes.

Refer below help articles.

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