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Rahul H 4Rahul H 4 

Create Quotes from Leads

We are looking to Create Quotes from Leads. The Quote is now added to Lead Related Lists. However, we dont see the New button. 
Can you please guide us how to create Quote from Leads. 
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati

You have to do like this .. Follow this Steps 

1. Create a lookup field on the Lead to Quote and add the quote to the quote related list to the page layouts 

2.Now create a quick action or use the custom button to create a quote and associate the lead to quote and show it on lead-related list 

Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
You can explore some app exchange solutiosn also 
Rahul H 4Rahul H 4
Thanks for the update
Can you please let me know the steps for the quick action or button to associate the lead to the quote?
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Hi Rahul , 
Refer this trailhead link 


Please follow these steps 

1. GO to Quote Object and create a new lookup field to the lead and save it 

2. Now Go to the lead object and create a quikc action 

From Setup --> GO to lead , go to Buttons, Links, and Actions and click New Action.
Verify that the action type is Create a Record as shown below and save it
User-added image

And Drag the fields into the action layout as shown below

User-added image

If you want to auto-populate the lead values  update the quick action with predefined values and  add it ti Mobile & Lightning Actions in the palette, then drag the New Showing quick action into the mobile section on lead page layouts 

Refer this link for  Set Predefined Field Values for Quick Action Fields

Abdul KhatriAbdul Khatri
Hi Rahul,

You can do whatever you wanted to do but personally I would not suggest using the Quote Object on the lead level by design as they are tightly bound with Opportunity and Product (through Quote Line Item) until there is some detail specs to translate this whole Quote to tie to Opps etc. after lead conversion.

If you layout the details why you are looking Quote to be used on Lead object and the plan of using it after lead conversion that would help provide alternate to this.

This is a friendly suggestion as you may end up some complications moving forward if you don't have a solid requirement what I asking for. Thanks.
Rahul H 4Rahul H 4
Thanks, Abdul for the update,

We have an inventory system which we need to integrate with Salesforce. Currently, all Quotes, Invoices and Sales Orders are a part of the inventory system however we would like to do the same from Salesforce now.

So, first we will create a Lead as a Prospect, then add a quote which would be sent to the customer. Then if the customer is happy, we would convert to an opportunity. 
Rahul H 4Rahul H 4
Is there any way to automate the Lead to Quote process?
James GriffeyJames Griffey
After following Raj's steps above to create the lookup field on the Quote object, there is no option for the Target Object to be Quotes when setting up the New Action. Quotes show up underneath the Lead object now, but I am still unable to figure out how to make this button to create a quote from a lead. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
roy m 5roy m 5
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Chad MacIsaacChad MacIsaac
Hi Raj, can you please describe how you were able to have Quote as an availble Target Object option? I cannot see how this is possible. Your instructions link to creating a custom object, but that does not address the creation of a custom action using a non-standard target object. 
Gareth Huscroft 8Gareth Huscroft 8
Yeah, same issue here. Cannot select "Quotes" as the target object.  There was an earlier response regarding the tight integration between Quotes and Opportunities / Accounts.  Wondering if maybe Salesforce changed something in the last 2 years.