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pranita chopadepranita chopade 

Is number of API calls quota gets carry forward or salesforce reset to API requests per 24 hours?

Om PrakashOm Prakash
Hi Pranita,
It means what has been consumed within the last 24 hour instead of being reset once in 24 hours.
Say if API calls consumed at 1PM today will not be made available for use again until 1PM tomorrow.
Any calls consumed will continue to be counted towards this count until that time in next 24 hours.

pranita chopadepranita chopade
Hi Om Prakash, Thanks for your reply. Just want to know more about it. Suppose I have 10,000 API Calls limit per 24 hours and I have used only 5000 within 24 hours, so after 24 hours I will get fresh quota i.e. 10,000 API calls. Now my question is the remaining API calls(i.e.5000) gets added in fresh quota or not? If not then what happens with that remaining API calls? Thanks, Pranita Chopade
Om PrakashOm Prakash
No, As per your example remaining API will not added (You will not have 15,000 API call in this case), You have still 10,000 API per 24 hours.
Please have a look on this article, it will give some more ideas.

Feel free to ask if any query or it was not clear.