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Jarrell DunsonJarrell Dunson 

Study Group

Hey all, I'm a newbie...and studying toward Develop certification (App and Platform 1) ... may take most of the Winter and Spring? Longer? Does anyone have an interest in joining up in a small study group ("Study Buddies")... we could setup weekly (?) Zoom meetings... discuss lessons learned...help learn, etc.  I was hoping for 3-5 of us? Thanks 

Ros OBrienRos OBrien
Hi Jarrell, I am interested in study group.  Hope to hear soon.
Jarrell DunsonJarrell Dunson
Hey Ros, thanks for the interest... I am glad you contacted me ... 
  I hope to get organized this week, what timezone are you in? 
  Can you send your email to me? my email is:  jarrell.dunson@uky.edu 
Annette BordeauxAnnette Bordeaux
Group study is always a fantastic idea. and, Sometimes, I ended up watching Netflix with my friends and, Never complete my studies.  That helps with racial issues if anybody has it. and, You can read the full article here https://rnspeak.com/health-risks-linked-to-obesity/ more. Also, You should not skip your assignment submission date ever.