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Jennifer WilsonJennifer Wilson 

Assign Specific Permission Sets to New Users on User Creation

Hello. I have tried to source more information on this task but have been unsuccessful.  In addition, the information I have found relates to the old version of Flow.  Please note my experience level of Flows is beginner!

I have created a Flow which is triggered via a Process Builder for when a new User record is created, a specific Permission Set is allocated to that User.  However I want to extend that Flow so that if a new User record is created and they have a custom checkbox field checked, then 3 specific Permission Sets are added to that User record.  Once this is done, a new custom resource record should be automatically created and populated with some information from the User record.  Is this possible and if so, please could someone provide guidance?

Many thanks in advance.
nitin sharma 356nitin sharma 356
From process builder you can call Apex action which will let you create three permission sets  and add them to the user record