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Wei Dong 10Wei Dong 10 

Can SCIM help me to create a User or Account?

The SCMI document is too simple and I cannot understand how to call it in details.....So how to do with that?

How can I create a User with SCMI and an Account?
How to link them together?
Dr. Thomas MillerDr. Thomas Miller

follow http://amitsalesforce.blogspot.com/2017/06/test-salesforce-api-by-postman-rest.html to install Postman tool and configure Salesforce to work with Postman (create and configure connected app for OAuth2).
Then start by calling
GET https://{your salesforce org domain}/services/scim/v2/Users
GET https://{your salesforce org domain}/services/scim/v2/Schemas
GET https://{your salesforce org domain}/services/scim/v2/ResourceTypes
to get an idea about the structures.

As next step you can start with
PUT https://{your salesforce org domain}/services/scim/v2/{ID}
to update an existing user or
POST https://{your salesforce org domain}/services/scim/v2/Users
to create a new users.
Build your body by copying and modifying what you got from the GET call - don't send readOnly fields.

SCIM is about user management - so there is nothing about accounts, only users, groups, roles, profiles. User standard REST or SOAP API to work with other objects.