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Kishani HewathantriKishani Hewathantri 

Please help me for this error in Trailhead .I am SF beginer?

We couldn't find a user named 'Noah Larkin' with the configuration specified in the project. Be sure you have entered the user information correctly.User-added image
Abdul KhatriAbdul Khatri
which Trailhead you are referring?
Kishani HewathantriKishani Hewathantri
Admin Beginer - Create New Users and Allow a User to Delete Accounts
Kishani HewathantriKishani Hewathantri
User-added image
Antonio QuentalAntonio Quental
I had the same problem, in the trailhead playground I was testing it did not pass this trial.
After a few checks, I decided to create a new playground and follow the steps on the Trailhead and it worked!
The only difference between them was that the new playground Org did not have the multi currency enabled (Setup/Company Settings/Company Information: "Activate Multiple Currencies").
Ruchika BishtRuchika Bisht
Hi Kishani ,
As per your screenshot , username :noahlarkisf1@gmail.com and nickname is also different.
As per module 
username info says : (auto-populates with your email address-replace using formula: first initial and last name of user @your initials and your favorite color.com)  So it should be like this example
Ex: nlarkin@wbpurple.com 
nickname should be : nlarkin
Please update Username and nickname accordingly and check the challenge again. As trailhead will validate the user in the given format.
Hi Krishani -

Please update the details of user as mentioned in the trail and cross verify it. Your username will be automatially created so please change it to the desired one acc to trailhead and then try to verify the step.

Username- nlarkin@wbpurple.com 
NickName- nlarkin 

and in case of Amy daniels

Username- adaniels@wbyellow.com
NickName- adaniels

Hope it will work for you.
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