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Difference between Communities and Sites in Salesforce?

When to use Communities and When to use Sites in Salesforce?
SFDC Prime SquadSFDC Prime Squad
Hi Vijay,
Below are the basic differences between Communities and Sites

- Communities are a great way to share information and collaborate with people outside your company who are key to your business processes, such as customers, partners, or employees.
- It is a social stage of the Salesforce.com that is intended to associate and encourage correspondence among an association’s representatives, accomplices and clients
- Sub-domain sites built with Community Builder (Lightning), standard Salesforce UI (Tabs), or custom Visualforce.

- Salesforce Sites enables you to create public websites and applications that are directly integrated with your Salesforce organization—without requiring users to log in with a username and password.
- Sites in Salesforce empowers you to make open sites and applications that are straightforwardly coordinated with your Salesforce association—without expecting clients to sign in with a username and secret key. You can freely uncover any data which has been put away in your association through a marked URL of your choice.
- Force.com Sites - Sub-domain sites that have no authentication built with Visualforce. (Authenticated VF communities are built in much the same way, but are technically distinct because of authentication).
Deepali KulshresthaDeepali Kulshrestha
Hi Vijay,
The basic difference between Communities and Site in Salesforce is-
Using communities you are provided the ease to use preconfigured templates, branding styles, edit pages etc .
Sites basically came in use when you want to add programmable logics, workflows, Visualforce capabilities to your custom pages and Web applications.

For more detail and better understanding follow the link below:
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Thanks and Regards,
Deepali Kulshrestha
Helen Lueck (Active)Helen Lueck (Active)
Is there a cost involved if you were to create an exteral guest page using Communities?