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Ravi sastriRavi sastri 

Issue with Cogroup in Einstein Analytics

Issue with Co-grouping
Hello Guys,

I have a requirement where we need to cogroup 3 datasets which contains fields such as Country, year and month. But in the 3rd dataset, we have an additional field as Closed Date. This field will give result in the combination of Country, month and Year.

So in the co-group, for this 3rd dataset, if we include Closed Date along with Country, month and year., we are recieving this error "Mismatched number of cogrouped columns: 3 and 4"

Cogroup statement- 
cogroup qACC by ('Country', 'Year','Month'), qCON by ('Country__c','PROC_YR','PROC_MO'), qOLC by ('Coun', 'Pro_Year','Pro_Mon', 'Closed_Date');

Can anyone please advice on how to do this grouping or is there any other alternative to get this done.