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Timmy AhluwaliaTimmy Ahluwalia 

Visual force page relation Field

My query:
 SELECT Fund__r.Related_Mandate__r.Name,Fund__r.Related_Mandate__r.French_Mandate_Name__c, SUM(Purchases__c) purchases, SUM(Redemptions__c) redemptions, 
                                       SUM(Switches_In__c) switchesIn, SUM(Switches_Out__c) switchesOut, SUM(Assets__c) assets 
                                       FROM Yearly_Metrics__c WHERE Rep_Code__c IN :repCodes AND Date__c=THIS_YEAR 
                                       GROUP BY Fund__r.Related_Mandate__r.Name,Fund__r.Related_Mandate__r.French_Mandate_Name__c ORDER BY SUM(Assets__c) DESC ]
Having trouble displaying the filed Fund__r.Related_Mandate__r.French_Mandate_Name__c on VF page
for  Fund__r.Related_Mandate__r.Name i used (!m.Name)
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Give me VF page markup

You many need to use like this