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Help required for Trigger using trigger-framework

Hello Folks , 
Thanks in Adv .
Can anyone help me to modify the trigger using this frame work please . i didnt understand this so want to see it in an example how to implement. please copy paste the below URL to see the framework .

framework:  https://github.com/kevinohara80/sfdc-trigger-framework

can you please modify below trigger with above frame work

//to update child records when parent record is updated in Salesforce
trigger ContactUpdate on Account (after update) 
    set<id> acctid = new set<id>();
  map<Id, Account> mapAccount = new map<Id, Account>();
    list<Contact> listContact = new list<Contact>();
 //adding all id to set<id>
    for(Account  act :trigger.new)
     listContact = [select id ,MailingStreet, MailingCity, AccountId FROM  contact where Accountid IN : acctid];
         if( listContact.size()>0  )
         for(Contact con : listContact) 
                    con.MailingStreet = mapAccount.get(con.AccountId).BillingStreet;
                    con.MailingCity = mapAccount.get(con.AccountId).BillingCity;
                update listContact;