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Tuur Dutoit 13Tuur Dutoit 13 

Custom tabs from managed package not showing up in subscriber org

We're an ISV partner and we're creating a managed package which contains, among others, an app consisting of 2 Lightning tabs. Now, I tested this in multiple scratch orgs, packaged it up using SFDX (packaging2) and after a few hiccups, I got everything working, it seemed.
However, I just installed the same managed package in a developer org (instead of a scratch org) and for some reason, the tabs aren't showing up: the app is empty. I had seen this issue before, so I went to Setup to make them visible and add them to the app, but weirdly enough, the tabs aren't even listed in Setup! I checked and they are correctly listed as dependencies in the Installed Packages page, but they don't show up anywhere else in the org.
Does anyone know what the problem could be?
Tuur Dutoit 13Tuur Dutoit 13
I found the issue by myself: My Domain wasn't enabled in the dev org, which means Lightning components included in managed packages don't work. Once I enabled My Domain, the tabs showed up!