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Ravi sastriRavi sastri 

Co-group fields from three objects in Wave Analytics

I have three objects viz., qACC , qCON and qOLC. Now from these three objects, I have different fields as follows
qACC- 'Country', 'Year','Month'
qCON- 'Country__c','PROC_YR','PROC_MO'
qOLC- 'Coun', 'Pro_Year','Pro_Mon', 'Closed_Date'

In the third object i.e qOLC, I have 4th field Closed_Date that is not available in the remianing two objects. When I co-group these three objects, it is throwing me an error stating that mismatch of columns in co-group.
I tried giving null field in remianing two objects in co-group, but that didn't work.
Can anyone please help me achieivng this.

Thank you in advance