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Custom Visualforce quick action is not rendered in Sandbox Mobile Environment

I have created a custom visualforce quick action in a lightning environment. The quick action randered the vf page in desktop but not in mobile, that too in sandbox Org only. When i tested the same vf quick action in my personal development org, it was working as expected in mobile.
Kaustubh LabheKaustubh Labhe
Can you log off completely from SF1 in your mobile and log in again. And check that vf page. 
Hi Kaustubh Labhe, Thanks for your response, I logged out and logged in several time but no luck, also i tried with different android mobile and Iphone eventhough facing the same problem.
Kaustubh LabheKaustubh Labhe
Can you show some screenshots? Maybe I can debug in my org. 
Visual Force Page :
<apex:page standardController="Account" docType="html-5.0" title="Create Account" >

I am just trying to render this "Hello" page using vf quick action in lighnting environment. Here i attached the 2 images one is tested in sandbox another one is tested in my development org with the same above visualforce code.

While running the page in sandboxWhile running the page in my development org