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Graeme Daley 21Graeme Daley 21 

Best Practice for deleting unused custom fields

As a welfare agency our salesforce is set up around three critical objects - Contacts (a Standard Object), Client Cases and Sessions (both Custom Objects).  Our client details are held in Contacts.  A client case is created for each service type a contact receives.  Each instance of service/session is recorded in the Session object under the appropriate Client Case.

Looking at our Client Case custom object (using Field Trip) I find that 20% of the objects custom fields have never been used.  Subject to discussions with the users I would like to clear/delete some of these unused fields.

My questions are - What are the pit-falls, if any, in doing something like that? What sort of things should I keep in mind or check before taking any action?  Is there a best practice guideline/policy which can give some guidance in cleaning up unused fields?  Or should I just leave the fields?   (We are up to 61% custom field usage for the Client Case custom object).

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Graeme,

It you install in the AppExchange tool called 'FieldTrip', that will do this for you (and it's free!)
Thanks & Regards,
Sakthivel Madesh