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Authenticate to connected app

Hello, we have an installed package and I am trying to authenticate with it from Salesforce. The third-party provided me  with the client Id and cliente secret. I am trying to initiate post from workbench with the following JSON body. However I'm confused as to which service URI I should use in workbench's URI?

headers: Accept: 'application/json', Content-Type: application/json uri: https://thirdparty.com method: POST json: { "session_id": [Salesforce session], "api_url": [Salesforce Partner WSDL SOAP endpoint for the Org], "client_id": [client id passed to the authorization endpoint], "client_secret": [client secret pair for the client id] }

Thank you. 
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
I can suggest to check with the third party provider and not sure what was configured in the Oauth Configuration .. 

Generally it will be Salesforce instance URl but still good to check with them  
Thank you Raj.