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Sandy BossSandy Boss 

New Computer, Data Loader No longer working

I have been using data loader every day to upload 4 files to SalesForce.  Recently I was given a new computer, I am still able to upload two files but two others are failing.  The two that are failing use a procedure by third party to create a .csv file on my computer where it merges data with the owner id from Sales Force.  Based on what I can see the .CSV fails are failing to be created like they were on my old computer.  Another person at our company had the same .bat and .xml files to run the prodcedure and it works fine.

I thought it might have something to do with the User Account Settings but they are the same as my old computer, and even though they were the same I changed them to "Never Notify" and rebooted but this didn't help.

Any thoughts?  I assume its a setup issue because the same prodcedure works fine on a different computer.  I am using version 37.0.0 which is the same version as the computer that does work.
Sandy BossSandy Boss
Messages I can see are...
Loging into Salesforce.com instance.....
Exception Occurred!
Error Info = The request was aborted: Could not create SS.TLS secure channel..

Like I said other people are using same programs on same network and it works.
SFDC Prime SquadSFDC Prime Squad
Hi Sandy,

Salesforce has disabled TLS 1.0 in Salesforce and other problem could be with Salesforce data loader version where TLS is not updated.

Can you please try installing a new version on your machine.

Please follow the steps as mentioned here : https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=000239784&language=en_US&type=1