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How to display link fields under related list?

I want to display links just like shown in below(If we click on view, the student's marks sheet need to be displayed in another window)

More Info:
 I am doing Integration, The school children Marks sheets are stored in a different database, 
I have received a URL for Integration.
I have placed them in Remote site settings.
What's next?
How do I receive that JSON file/Response?
Do I need to write any apex classes? Or can I just keep the URL in formula field? 
Peeyush JindalPeeyush Jindal
HYPERLINK(url, friendly_name [, target]) 
Available options for the third parameter are:
_blank - Opens in a new window.
_self - Opens in the same frame as it was clicked.
_parent - Opens in the parent frameset.
_top - Opens in the full body of the window.

Example of Hyperlink.
HYPERLINK("http://www.yahoo.com","Yahoo!","_top" )

For integration please check below link.
Paras PrajapatiParas Prajapati
First Can you please let me know what does it mean by - I have received a URL for Integration.

1. If Integration URL does not require any Authentication, then you can create a hyper link either through Formula field and pass the required parameter using merge field and Use VF Page and Create HyperLink.

2.If it require authentication, then you need to write Apex Code to fetch the Data, follow below Points.

1.Is this support Rest Get Call?
2.Do you have Credentials to call the integrations.

If above requirement are done, then most of the work you have already done, I think this a custom solution using VF Page.

1.Calls your Controller method, which will call your Outbound Call using API and get the JSon From Server.

Use Continuation Framework for Async Call, or if you want user to wait for response the no need.

Hi Paras,
1. Is this support Rest Get Call? - Yes
2. Do you have Credentials to call the integrations? - Yes

 it requires authentication, then you need to write Apex Code

Can you help me with the sample code? or any links also will be fine, 

Paras PrajapatiParas Prajapati
Hi Doondi,
   Please find Help link
  • https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/186742/rest-api-call-from-apex-controller
  • https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/210500/open-contact-record-in-a-new-tab-from-visualforce-page
From the Exisitng Page, as you have already created a link, Call another VF Page which will render as PDF, and in Controller of VF Page call your Rest Call and fetch the JSON and populate in your VF Page.
Your VF Page has to be desgined like Marksheet, so that you can render the data as is from JSON.

Let me know will it solve your problem or not, if its, so please mark Question as Solved.