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Adam RycroftAdam Rycroft 

add a list view onto a record layout with VF


I'm struggling with this. I have 2 custom objects, Invoice for donated goods and donated goods inventory. I want to display a list view from the donated goods inventory on a record for invoice for donated goods. Here's the code I have that keeps giving me an error. 
<apex:page standardController="Invoice_for_Donated_Goods__c" showHeader="true"> 
        <apex:enhancedList type="donated_goods_inventory__c" height="300" rowsPerPage="10" id="available_donated_goods" />

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
Alain CabonAlain Cabon

A list view or a related list?

<apex:relatedList list="donated_goods_inventories__r" />  

Adam RycroftAdam Rycroft
A list view, not a related list.