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sheila srivatsavsheila srivatsav 

salesforce certified administrator questions doubts

I am writing salesforce certified admin tomorrow.

I have a copule of questions which I have a doubt. I have marked the answer but pls let me know right or woring

1. What happens if some records do NOT meet the data validation criteria when importing data?    

A.   Import process fails only for the records with invalid data.    
B.   Import process ignores the data validation criteria.    
C.   Import process requires user authorizaton to import the invalid records.    
D.   Import process aborts when it encounters the first invalid record.    
Ans :  a

2. Users cannot save email templates in the "Unified Public Email        
    Templates" folder.

    How could a system administrator allow users to save emails to this 

a. go to the profile of each user and check the box for Manage public templates.
b. go to the email templates and manually share each with the specific users.
c. go to the user record and check the box for Manager Public templates.
d. go to the email templates and manually share each with the profile of the specific users.

Ans : a

3.  Sales representatives at Universal containers often schedule in-
     person meetings at customer offices. Management wants to track   
     activities for this meeting category to clearly display customer 
     office meetings in the account , contact or opportunitity page 
     layouts, as well as adding this data to reports.
      which method should a system administrator use to solve this 
      business request? 

a. Have the user manually enter the meeting details in the description 
    field on accounts , contacts amd opportunities.
b. Add a new value to the Type field on tasks used for accounts , 
    contacts and opportunities.
c. Add a new value to the type field on accounts , contacts and 
d. have the user manually enter the meeting details in the account 

ans : b

4. Universal containers has just acquired a new company whose sales 
    team has a unique sales process with stages that are different       
    than currently set up in salesforce. To make sure the acquistions 
    turns smoothly, the Executive team does not want the new sales 
    team to have to change then process at all. 

a. Create new values for the opportunity stage field and create a new 
     sales process assigned to a custom Record Type for the new sales 
b. Create a Record type and page layout for the new sales team and 
    custom field for the new stages.
c. Create new values for the opportunity stage field and use field-level 
    security to control which teams see which fields.
d. create new values for the opportunity stage field and order them so 
    that new sales team's values are at the bottom of the picklist.

Ans : a

5.  An administrator needs to create a Sales process for a new 
      what are three considerations for this purpose?

a. All Picklist values on the page layout must be added to the Master 
    picklist value list or be active values.
b. The record type's page layout is assigned to Users through their 
    profile assignments.
c. An opportunity record type will need to be created and assigned to 
    the sales process.
d. Adding a new value to the record Type Master Picklist value List 
    adds the value to all existing record type.
e. The record type name assignment becomes permanent upon Save 
     of a new Record type.

Ans :  a,b,d

6.Universal containers (UC) is rolling out a new approval process. As 
   the last step in the process  after an Opportunity has been 
    approved, UC wants to send a contract to its customer for 

    What should an administrator suggest to implement the 

a. Check the "Send PDF" box on the approval process setup.
b. Hire a consulting firm to develop a document signing framework.
c. Install an app from the appexchange.
d. Utilize the salesforce autosign flow.

7.  which two are capabilities of the content delivery features of 
     salesforce content? 
      choose 2 answers.

a. associate the content delivery with the salesforce record.
b. password protect content deliveries that contain sensitive data.
c. Customize the URL assigned to the content delivery.
d. encrypt certain content delivery files.

ans : b , c

8. Universal containers has purchased 25 new salesforce licences.
    How many users can a system administrator create at the same 
    time on the Add Multiple Users page?

a. a maximum of 10 users
b. an unlimited numbers of users
c. a maximum of 5 users
d. a maximum of 25 users.

ans : b

Pls correct the answers if wrong.

Ratish Mahajan 23Ratish Mahajan 23
Hi Shiela,

Could you please share your exam experience. I am planning to give the exam next week and would be great if you could tell me the answers(if you have) for above questions.
jayanthi Subramanianjayanthi Subramanian
8.  (A) is the answer refer to the link below
Devendra PatelDevendra Patel
6. c.. you need to have customised app for this, there is no such functionality provided by salesforce.
7. A,b.. pls refer content delivery doc, it is mentioned there.
8. A, when u click add multiple users, you will see 10 set of users information to enter.

Naeem QureshiNaeem Qureshi
Can someone help me answer this question

User-added image

My answer is D
jayanthi Subramanianjayanthi Subramanian
(A) is the answer
Rodrigo Antonio Garcia BeltranRodrigo Antonio Garcia Beltran
Hi @Naeem. The right answer is A. You can assign a permission set to users not to profiles (that's why option D is wrong). 
Jayanthi Subramanian 7Jayanthi Subramanian 7
1. A, 3. B 4. A
rahul soni 20rahul soni 20
1 A
2 A
3 B
4 A
5 A B D
6 C
7 A B
8 A
Sudip PaulSudip Paul
For Question 5, I think Option D is wrong. 
As adding new Picklist values doesnt add it automatically in the existing Record Type. 
Admin have the 2 option:
          1. At the time of adding new Values, it can give a option whether it needs to be added in the Record Type which is using this picklist.
           2. Add it manually later.

So i believe the corect answer should be A, B, C
Please confirm .
Gaurav MohanGaurav Mohan
Yes, it should be A, B, C for 5th question. But, I also need a confirmation from any expert here.
Sébastien Marie 9Sébastien Marie 9
as per this article https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=customize_recordtype_considerations.htm&type=5, D for the 5th question is wrong => "If you add a picklist value to the master picklist, you must manually include the new value in the appropriate record types."
correct answers are A, B and C
Amit .Amit .
Universal Containers has purchased additional licenses for five new sales representatives that will start in 30 days. The email accounts for the new representatives will not be active until they start. The new users should be set up ahead of time to assign records, list views, and other Salesforce utilities needed on the day they start.
Which method should a System Administrator use to set up the new users without sending a notification?
  • A. Create new users, and then set the start date for 30 days ahead.
  • B. Create new users, and then assign a permission set with a start date for 30 days ahead.
  • C. Create new users, and then Freeze the users.
  • D. Create new users, and uncheck Generate new password, and notify the user immediately.
IS this answer is correct ?
Amit .Amit .
My Answer is A
Amal BahriniAmal Bahrini
I think it might be D the right answer 
Tirumaleshu Mulinti 4Tirumaleshu Mulinti 4
The correct ansewr is D , first 3 options doesn't exist in salesforce
Nagamani S 2Nagamani S 2
 D is the answer.
Syed Jafar Ali ShahSyed Jafar Ali Shah
in question, it says  without sending a notification?
So right answer is
A. Create new users, and then set the start date for 30 days ahead.
Sangeeta Patra 16Sangeeta Patra 16
D is correct as it says to uncheck "Generate new password, and notify the user immediately." this option while creating users.
Veeravenkata Garapati 1Veeravenkata Garapati 1
In salesforce there is not option to select 30 days. it is 1 / 7 / 180 days.
So the answer is D.
Veeravenkata Garapati 1Veeravenkata Garapati 1
I think the answers for 7th question is B and C. Can anyone give more insight on this?