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Charles ThompsonCharles Thompson 

How do you use the Dependent Picklist screen component in Flow Builder?

I'm trying to build a screen flow that uses dependent picklist fields.
I've read every word of the documentation here (https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=flow_ref_elements_screencmp_dependentpicklists.htm&type=5)
and have tried and tried to get it to work for my use case.
I noticed that the Dependent Picklist component doesn't include a field for Record Type. This should be on the component, in my mind, since picklist values are also dependent on record type.
But that's probably not my problem.
In my org, I have a picklist (Case.Type) that controls a dependent picklist (Case.SubCategory1), which controls Case.SubCategory2, which controls Case.SubCategory3. This case tagging allows wonderful complexity for a complex business. I want the screen flow to capture all four fields, but a dependent picklist component can only capture up to three fields. Fine, I can live with that.
When configuring the component, I add the controlling field, Type, as Picklist 1, SubCategory1 as Picklist 2, and SubCategory2 as Picklist 3. Except for a couple of text fields, this is the only component on the screen in my flow.
When I run it, Picklist 1 appears (Type) but I can't enter a value in it.
If I add Type picklist as a field on the screen, then it works - except that Type now appears twice on the screen, once as a field and once in the dependent picklist component.
If I leave Type as a field on the screen and remove it from the dependent picklist component, so that SubCat1 is now Picklist 1 and SubCat2 is Picklist 2, then it almost works, except that I see all possible values for SubCat1, not the dependent values.