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Formula to retrieve contact's Full Name from a Record Type


Trying to retrieve a contact name using a formula from a custom object. 

Custom object api name: TFF__c
Custom Formula Field Name: Spouse

In the custom object custom formula field type, I've named it Spouse. 

Trying to retrieve the Spouse name from the contact record. However, I have setup two contact record types: Primary and Spouse. 

I'm trying to retrieve the Spouse full name which is located in the Spouse record type. 

My formula below only gets me the record type name. 

Can someone help me retrieve the Spouse full name which is located on the contact record but also listed in its own record type? 

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Tanmaya kumaer samalTanmaya kumaer samal
Hi Kjun,
I am assuming the requirement is to retrieve the 'Spouse Full Name' from the 'Spouse' Record Type of 'Client Name' object (Contact).
Please use the below formula:
IF(Client_Name__r.RecordType.Name == 'Spouse', Client_Name__r.Spouse_FullName__c, '')
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